Tues., Dec. 7: The Court of Appeals stops, then starts candidate filing + Madison Cawthorn plots Republican domination + Jose Lopez isn’t done with Durham + goodbye, Steve + Biden’s NC “rebound”
Wed., Dec. 2: Women’s rights are on the ballot now + the Board of Governors isn’t happy about its upcoming move
Wed, Dec. 1: Will Floyd McKissick run for Congress? + Berger’s not interested in Biden’s universal pre-K + Mark Meadows cooperates + how the hell is it…
Tues., Nov. 30: The clock is ticking + Mark Robinson's short fuse + the reality of the critical race theory crackdown
Wed., Nov. 24: C'mon, that's not a hard question + a note of gratitude
Fri., Nov. 19: My little girl died, and pretty much this entire week has been bad
Fri., Nov. 12: The Speaker seems to have lost his own gerrymandering game + more Durham cop talk from Mayor-elect Elaine O’Neal and council member DeDr…
Thurs., Nov. 11: Going deeper into the public safety debate + judge orders state to fund school
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