The point isn't what the thing looks like. It’s what it is.
Thurs., July 22: When is a task force not a task force? When the lieutenant governor doesn’t want you to know what it’s doing.
July 21, 2021: Related: 33 million Americans don’t have health insurance. Also: local woman might get fired + local woman gets promoted + Durham librar…
The White House’s well-intentioned war on social media misinformation sets a dangerous precedent—and targets the wrong villain
I'm on vacation. In Florida. It's weird.
Anti-vaxxers, climate change, and how the most powerful nation in the history of the planet is killing itself through willful ignorance
Wed., July 7, 2021: She’s headed to Howard, joined by Ta-Nehisi Coates + Raleigh’s big missing-middle housing ordinance
Thurs., July 1: UNC makes NHJ an offer she might refuse + Senate committee puff-puff passes + snake, caught + Trump org, indicted + Rumsfeld, dead + Co…
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