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Great take on the situation. It can be depressing to see Judges insert their own biases in place of actual constitutional analysis. But, the argument from the Judges in this case is much more depressing. Just as is the case with our federal government, we are being told that there NEVER has been an intent to afford citizens free and fair elections. The system ALWAYS has been intended to preserve power among the powerful. As you so aptly put it, “tough shit”. Not surprisingly, a bunch of fabulously wealthy old white men argue that the system must forever preserve the advantages of fabulously wealthy old white men because the rules (ie, the constitution) specifically spell out these advantages. And, rest assured, if the rest of the citizenry ever figures out a way to weaken those advantages to any meaningful degree, they will be met by a force much greater than an unfair constitution. They will be met with deadly force. So, relax, sit back, and accept the fact that we do not now, and never have, lived in a country that ever was envisioned to be anything more than a vehicle for the dominance of fabulously wealthy old white men. Take your crumbs and genuflect to your superiors.

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