Fri., March 4: The trials of Wake County's DA—an institutionalist, a (kinda) reformer, an enigma.

February 2022

Tues., Feb. 22: Let me make it up to you + Raleigh hit with new Omar Abdullah lawsuit + sh*t hits fan in Ukraine + Charlie Reece resigns from Durham…

January 2022

Fri., Jan. 21: And other questions raised by the RPD’s report on Daniel Turcios' death-by-cop.
Wed., Jan. 19: Were all of them necessary? Let's review.
Wed., Jan. 12: Of course Republicans gerrymandered, but—shrug—what can you do?
Tues., Jan. 11: Judgment Day for North Carolina gerrymanders + Clay Aiken resurfaces + 'Gender Queer' returns
Wed., Jan. 5: Hospitals are filling up, but damned if we’re going to do anything about it + the big congressional money race
Tues., Jan. 4: Lots and lots of math.

December 2021

Thurs., Dec. 22: Also, Madison Cawthorn says drop out of college, just like he did
Tues., Dec. 21: Speaking of mountain justice, let’s talk about Joe Manchin …
Fri., Dec. 17: Jackson bows to the inevitable, sparing Cheri Beasley a six-month grind.
Thurs., Dec. 16: Durham officials tell Community Safety Task Force to stay in their lane + Jeff Jackson bails + our priorities, in 2 headlines