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The Raleigh Lawyers Behind an Anti-Vaxxer’s Bizarre Twitter Lawsuit

NC Supreme Court Says Dumbass’ "Mountain Justice" Threats to DA Are Free Speech

**Of Course** I Have Thoughts About Jeff Jackson

Wake Book Burners Claim a Scalp

What Raleigh Residents Think About Council Changes

Pop That Roy Cooper Trial Balloon Right Now

NC Politics’ Manic Monday

The Post-Roe North Carolina

Court of Appeals: Ignore That Whole Leandro Thing

Gerrymandering Goes to Court, Again

Which Local Pol Got a Grammy Nom?

The Worst 36 Hours of My Life

Tim Moore Hoisted By Own Petard

What Durham’s New Council Majority Thinks About the Police

Welcome to the Jungle (Primary)

Durham’s Police Reform Finds Its Backlash

We’ve Got a Gerrymander!

About Last Night

3 Quick Thoughts About Today’s Durham Election

Hello, I’m Not Dead!

Durham Mayor-Elect Elaine O’Neal

Viral NC Dem Charles Graham Rethinks HB 2

What I’m Looking for in Durham’s Election [Corrected]

It’s Election Day in Durham. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.

These Pearls Won’t Clutch Themselves

Raleigh Pays $2M to Settle Lawsuit Over Fake Heroin Busts

Local Cops Aren’t Great at Solving Crime, FBI Data Say

NC Appeals Court Judge: Racism Doesn’t Exist

Biden’s Mass Deportations … Or Not?

Durham’s Election and the City’s Political Power Structure

[Weekend Reading] The Informant

NC’s Coming Constitutional Crisis

NCGA to ABC: Pour Yourself a Drink, Relax, Live a Little

The End of Roe and the Rise of Abortion Snitches

Madison Cawthorn Needs to Go

The Forever War Ends (for Now)

Hypocrisy Dressed Up as Indignation

Riots, Weed, and Other Legislative Delights

“This Is Not an Attack on Educators”

Redistricting, the Census, and Power

What I Learned by Reading 506 Submissions to Mark Robinson’s Indoctrination Task Force

In the Graveyard of Empires

To Fix the Planet’s Future, Fix American Democracy

Ron DeSantis Has Not Reconsidered

The NC House’s Quietly Radical Education Overhaul

We Made a Deal!

When Someone Shows You Who They Are …

Scoop: Mark Robinson’s Super-Secret Indoctrination Task Force

Bezos Takes Quick Ride on Big Phallus

Misinformation Nation

Quick Programming Note!

We're With Stupid

Hannah-Jones to UNC: Thanks But No Thanks

UNC Could Have Done This Months Ago Without Humiliating Itself

Deep Dive: The Wet Bulb Problem

To the Republican Victors Go the Tax-Dollar Spoils

Race to the Bottom

Deep Dive: A Modest Proposal for Better NC Elections

NHJ to UNC: Tenure or GTFO

The Hollow Gesture of the Juneteenth Vote

UNC Is At It Again

Obamacare 3, Republicans 0

Who’s Afraid of Critical Race Theory?

Exclusive: Read Complaints to Mark Robinson’s ‘Indoctrination’ Task Force

Very Rich People Pay No Taxes, Surprise!

State School Board Worried About Teaching Too Much Black History

NC Reps Reject Woman DEQ Nominee for Not Loving Pipelines Enough

9 Local Political Scientists: “Our Entire Democracy Is Now At Risk.”

The First Amendment Is Losing

Schewel’s Out

8 Dead in Another Mass Shooting. (Thoughts, Prayers, Rinse, Repeat.)

Is There Nothing a Tax Cut Can’t Fix?

The End of Roe

It’s Been 0️⃣ Days Since UNC Was a National Embarrassment

UNC-CH Trustees Cancel “1619” Creator

The Dubious Justification for Andrew Brown’s Death

A Fight for Durham’s Soul

What Biden’s Menthol Ban Means for North Carolina

It’s Beasley’s Race to Lose

Our Bite at Apple

Andrew Brown’s Death Looks Very, Very Bad

Despite Being Cop, Murderer Found Guilty

Mark Robinson’s Deal, What Is It?

Exclusive: Despite Pandemic, NC Didn’t See More Teen Suicides

The Great NCGOP Senate Conspiracy

Can McCrory Win the MAGAs?

We Need Better History Classes

Republicans Say the Quiet Part Out Loud: Fewer People Should Vote

When All Else Fails, Target Trans Kids

Insert April Fool’s Joke Here

NAACP Sues Alamance Over Confederate Statue

Trump’s COVID Coordinator: White House Failures Killed ~450K

Georgia Hugs Jim Crow, Gives Democracy the Finger

Biden Wants to Be FDR 2.0

361 Days Later, NC’s New Normal(ish)

1 in 10 North Carolinians Support Political Assassinations

Mark Robinson Wants Teachers to Stop Indoctrinating Your Kids

Biden’s COVID Law and the NC Senate Race

Please Shut Up

Stick It in My Vein (or Arm, Whatever)

NC’s Prohibitionist Past vs. Its Entrepreneurial Future

Why Herd Immunity Depends on Vax Skeptics

COVID, Day 366

The Most Honest Political Quote You’ll Ever Read

The COVID Bill Was Never Going to Be Bipartisan

Bars Open, Fair’s On, More Vaccines Coming

Cooper Will Roll Back COVID Restrictions, Probably

Lt. Gov. Got Sketchy Donations, Spent Campaign Cash on Wife’s Clothes

Five. Hundred. Thousand.

Raleigh’s Bright Post-Pandemic Future. (Don’t Screw It Up.)

Inmates Take Over Meaningless Asylum

Wolves at the Door, Aliens in the Sky

Burr Found His Backbone. The NCGOP Isn’t Happy.

We ❤️ Weed. Our Politicians Don’t.

Patty Mac’s Comeback

“This Cannot Be Our Future”

Impeachment II: Because Trump Will Never Really Go Away

Crackpots, Cheats, and Victims

NC Domestic Violence Incidents Spike During Pandemic

Wait, Have Democrats Learned a Lesson?

UNC Lied About Silent Sam. Heads Should Roll.

North Carolina (Finally) Stops Selling Racist License Plates

Fables of the Insurrection

Raleigh Chickens Out on LGBTQ Protections

NC Republicans: Teaching About Racism Is Anti-American

Thom Tillis’s Accidental Advice for a Climate Emergency

Duke Energy Agrees to Screw Us 25% Less

The Truth Isn’t Unifying

Madison Cawthorn, Please Shut Up

Biden’s Unity Dilemma

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

“We Must End This Uncivil War"

The End of an Error

Happy Last Day of the Trump Administration!

Biden Wants $2K Checks, $2T Stimulus

NC Sedition Caucus Seeks Unity, Gives Trump a Pass

Durham’s @Jack-Funded Guaranteed Income Program

100 Days, 100 Million Vaccines (in Theory)

Happy Impeachment Day! (Again)

Everyone Hates Trump Now

Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory

This Is Not What a Healthy Democracy Looks Like

“I’m Thinking It Will Be Literal War”

Georgia on Our Minds

21 Questions for 2021, Part 1

Happy New Year, Happy New PRIMER